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Fraud Alert - Green Card Lottery or Diversity Visa

Fraud Alert - Diversity Visa Lottery

Fraud Alert - Diversity Visa Lottery

  • Applications are only made by filling out an electronic form:
  • The electronic application process ended past November 3, 2014 and it was free.
  • Applicants can ONLY find out if they were selected on this web page.

Important Fraud Alert

The U.S. Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia has recently received information regarding a visa scam in which third parties are falsely offering US visas through advertisements published in local newspapers.  Once contacted by interested parties, the perpetrators request a down payment to secure process. 

Please note that a visa to the United States can only be issued by an American Embassy overseas following a personal interview with a Consular Officer. Third parties are not needed in this process and have no authority to guarantee a visa. Please avoid financial losses by visiting the U.S. Embassy website to learn more about the visa process. 


Visa Services

Welcome to the Consular Section in Bolivia. One of our priorities is to provide immigrant and non-immigrant visa services, including Diversity Lottery Visas.

We are committed to providing a courteous and professional service to all applicants. For detailed information, please use the links on the left margin of this page to select the appropriate visa classification.

Hours of Service

The Embassy is open Monday through Friday, except on U.S. and Bolivian holidays.

  • Non-Immigrant Visa

Interviews are conducted by appointment only scheduled through our Call Center.

  • Immigrant Visas

Interviews are by appointment only. Appointments are scheduled by NVC mostly.

Questions, inquiries and further information are accepted only by e-mail; please write to


Embassy of the United States of America
Arce Av. 2780 (between Cordero and Campos Streets)
La Paz, Bolivia

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Latest Announcements

  • Dia Agente 5

    The Consular Section will participate in the “Dia Agente 5” activity in La Paz at 09:30. We will present an introduction on visa process and a briefing of “Descrubre USA” . The activity will take place at the Centro Ferial Chuquiago Marca-In Bajo Seguencoma on August 13, 2014.

    To register your attendance at this event, please follow these instructions:

    Step 1: Enter the page

    Step 2: Choose the OUTLET tab

    Step 3: Fill out the registration “REGISTRO” form

    Step 4: Print the registration

    You will need the printed registration and your ID to enter the OUTLET. 
  • DIVERSITY Visa Program – DV-2015

    Diversity Visa-2015 opens for electronic entries at noon, Eastern Daylight Time, Tuesday, October 1, 2013, and closes at noon, Eastern Daylight Time, Saturday, November 2, 2013.  Applicants can access the electronic DV entry form (E-DV) at the official E-DV website: during the registration period.  Do not wait until the last week of the registration period to enter, as heavy demand may result in website delays.  No late entries or paper entries will be accepted.

  • U.S. Visas for Same-Sex Spouses

    U.S. embassies and consulates now adjudicate visa applications that are based on a same-sex marriage in the same way that we adjudicate applications for opposite gender spouses.  Read the Frequently Asked Questions 

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