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What to do if I have a 221g letter

If your application for immigrant visa has been refused under Section 221(g), the interviewing consular officer will provide you with a detailed note at the time of the interview.

Under Section 221(g), we are asking for additional information before making a final decision.  Often the application is incomplete, or there are additional requirements needed.  When refused under section 221(g), you should provide to us the information and/or documents requested using DHL courier.  To do this, please follow the instructions listed below:

If you are not registered in the system yet:

  1. Access the following link CSC Visa Information Service - New Account.
  2. Complete the required information and click on the "cree cuenta" button
  3. Access the "Presentar los documentos a la Sección Consular" link
  4. Click on "Visas de inmigrante/Procesamiento Administrativo IV"
  5. Click on "Inmigrante Mensajería en Documentos – Procesamiento Administrativo IV"
  6. Click on "continuar"
  7. Complete the requested information and click on "ingresar"
  8. Select the agency location where you would like the package to be returned to you and then click on "ingresar"
  9. Click on "continúe" without accessing the link "Agregue a un miembro familiar"
  10. Print the confirmation page.  You must take this page with you to the DHL office to be able to send your documents to us

If you are already registered in the system:

  1. Access the following link: CSC Visa Information Service Click on "si"
  2. Enter your passport number, date of birth and nationality.  Then click on "ingresar"
  3. Access the link "ver página de confirmación"
  4. Print the confirmation page.  You must take this page with you to the DHL office to be able to send your documents to us

Please note that if you submit the information and/or documents within a year of the application, you will not have to pay another application fee.  Once we receive the new information, we will review your application and make a final decision on your case.  Your documents, including your passport will be returned to you also through DHL at the end of the process.